Electronic Controller For Range Hood

1. Description:

This product is for range hood, with friendly interface operation and optional control unit, can meet all your requirements. OEM and Custom-Made is offered.

Man-Machine Interface Option:

Display: TFT display, LED display, LCD display, VFD display etc.

Key Operation: Touch Switch, Illuminated Switch, Inductive Switch etc.

2.Tech Specifications:

2.1 Voltage Range:90~230V AC

2.2 Rated Frequency:50/60Hz

2.3 Standby Power: Less than 0.5W

2.4 Electric Lifetime On Load: More than 100,000 Operations (Normal) For Inductive Switch: More than 500,000 Operations

2.5 Anti-Interference Performance: 2000V (Normal) **If need,4000V available**

2.6 Storage Environment: Temperature -20℃~85℃ ; Humidity less than 95%RH

2.7 Usage Environment: Max Temperature 85℃; Humidity less than 95%RH

3.Function Introduction:

3.1 Timer Function: timing for power off, clock, cleaning reminder

3.2 Multi Speed Control: use relay, SCR to control fan speed and DC brushless motor.

3.3 Lighting Function: Rated Voltage for Lamp or Unlimited Dimmer for 12V LED lamp.

3.4 Child Lock function: to avoid wrong operation.

3.5 Remote Control Function: Infrared Remote, Radio Frequency Remote, Blue Teeth or as your requirements.

4. Quality Guarantee:

Within 18 months after shipping,replace new one free if not working

Please contact us for more detailed information. Custom-Made and OEM offered. Any question, please feel free to email at

Email: info@fourting.com

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