Core Technology Solutions

display for control switch

TFT / LED / LCD Display

To use TFT display, LCD display, LED display,VFD display,digital display etc. to show all kinds of information when operating the household appliances.

Perception and detection

Perception & Detection

To make with micro-pressure detection, grounding detection,water level detection, approaching-sensor, image acquisition etc. to apply to all kinds of household appliances. Usage for electric steam oven,smart toilet, lighting control,industry and medical endoscope and so on.

range hood working status

Showing Working Status

The range hood is showing the working status by ways of a lighting, acoustic signal or icons shown on display.

filter cleaning reminder

Filter Cleaning Reminder

The Filter-Cleaning-Reminder function is giving a reminder to the user when it is necessary to do maintenance / cleaning both of the carbon and the grease filters.

timer for range hood

Timer for Power Off

When the user has finished the cooking, the Timer function used to have the range hood working for a certain period of time (1 to 15 minutes options) to complete eliminate the fumes and the remained odours. After timer over, the range hood will be power off automatically.

auto function for range hood

Automatic Function

To improve the confort of the user, the range hood is equipped with an automatic device , when detecting non-safety-status, the fan motor will start working automatically. The Auto function can be cancelled if not wanted.

max speed for range hood

Max Speed

To set the fan motor works at highest speed for a certain period of time, after then it automatically reduces the speed. This function is quite useful when a lot of fumes or smoke occured.

clock for range hood


The user can set the clock at 12 Hours or 24 Hours according to the user manual by + key and/or - key.

door open and closed for range hood

Door Open/Close with Lift

The door of the range hood can be open/closed by a lift or similar tools. When power on, the door open automatically. When power off, the door closed automatically.

remote control for range hood

Remote Control

To use infrared remote control, RF remote control, wireless control, phone control etc to operate the range hood.

gas / smoke sensor for range hood

Gas/Smoke Sensor Function

The switch control has gas/smoke sensor function. When detecting non-safety-way, the range hood will start working automatically to make sure your kitchen in 100% safe status.

finger slide touch control

Slide Touch

The user can set the fan motor working speeds by finger slide touch smoothly and quickly. It's workable for AC motor or BLDC motor.

iot internet for range hood

IOT Function

The range hood can be connected with the internet, so the user can control the range hood at anywhere and any time.

rpm of motor

RPM Showing on Display

The RPM of the fan motor can be shown on the switch panel display if needed. It's better for BLDC motor.

BLDC motor control switch panel for range hood

BLDC Motor Control

The switch control can be made to match the BLDC fan motor. It's energy-saving and environmental-friendly.

coordinated working cooktop and range hood

Coordinated Function

When the user start the cooktop, the range hood will be working at the same time automatically.

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