Electronic Control Panel For Electric Oven

1. Description:

This product is for oven, with friendly interface operation and optional control unit,can meet all your requirements. OEM and Custom-Made is offered.

Man-Machine Interface Option:

Display: LED display, LCD display, VFD display, TFT display, etc.

Key Operation: Touch Control Switch, Wave-band Switch, Inductive Switch, Coding Switch etc.

Implementation Components:

with upper heating tube, down heating tube and backside heating tube. (if have, can control inside and outside heating units respectively.)

Temperature probe / temperature measurement methods: to use the thermistor, platinum resistance thermocouple.

2. Tech Specifications:

Voltage Range: 90-230V AC

Rated Frequency: 50/60Hz

Storage Environment: temperature from -20℃ to 85℃, humidity less than 95%RH

Usage Environment: Max temperature 85℃, humidity less than 95%RH

3. Function Introduction:

Timer Function: baking, baking booking, alarm function

Bake Mode: the upper heating, down heating, backside heating and any combination of heating.

Convection fan accessibility: the convection fan of intelligent control, auxiliary heating pipe to achieve uniform heating.

Barbecue fork rotation function: turning food for baking for food heating evenly.

Menu functions: set a pre-heating mode for specific food, and then you can use it directly next time.

Barbecue stick temperature measurement function: with temperature sensor to control barbecue stick temperature intelligently.

Humidification Function: at a scheduled time to spray for food, to make food surface at better moisture level.

Child Lock function: to avoid wrong operation.

Cooling Fan: according to the temperature, switch on/off automatically, to do cooling effect.

Fault Alarm function: if fault, shut down machine and make a alarm, and display the fault code, to protect person and machine.

Remote Control Function: infrared remote control, Radio Frequency Remote, Blue Teeth or as your requirements.

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